I was one of those thousands of people.


More than a thousand people turned out on Moore Square during a rally denouncing hateful rhetoric and violence aimed at immigrants, Muslims, black people, LGBTQ people and women after the KKK’s Loyal White Knights of Pelham posted plans on the group’s website for a parade celebrating the election of Donald Trump. 

Travis Long tlong@newsobserver.com

I cannot describe in words the emotion and energy in this crowd. I was hoping i would capture it on my camera though! I came to this event as an assignment in my photography course. I didn’t even know what ignited this. Check out the article above if you weren’t aware either. I had no idea what I was in for. If i could describe my experience in one word i would say, motivating. These people had something to say, and i found myself listening, really listening to their message. And each speaker was so respectful, professional, and eloquent about their ideas and views. I encourage everyone to go to one of these events regardless of your political views. Go to a rally you agree or disagree with. I think that’s something I also realized while I was there. The media could take their coverage and twist this into a violent protest if they wanted to. But since I was there, present, i understood its purpose. I feel sometimes thats the only way to get the truth. I was inspired creatively and as a human being. And i want to start sharing my views, but without offending anyone. I wanted to be just like the speakers at the rally.

This was also a great way to meet people and find a community that may share my ideas. We don’t only associate ourselves with people who agree with us though. At least most of us don’t. It’s impossible to do. Which brings me to something very important that was lacking in this election, respect. How do you respect those who do not share your views? How do you live or work with someone who does not agree with you? We all have that one family member, friend, or co-worker who is extremely passionate about their views. The truth is, that’s not the problem. We should be passionate about our beliefs. How we share them and respond to them is the key. Here are some things to remember:

1. Think before you speak.

2. Don’t let your guard down in the workplace or with co-workers.

3. Keep it lighthearted.

4. Know when to walk away.

5. Know when and what political views to post on your social media.

Have tips? How do you successfully share your views and beliefs?

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