Magic is believing in yourself

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love. -Monet



HER PAGE: The Good Witch Jewelry

When i think of someone who truly believes in themselves I think of my best friend. Meet Meghan. Meghan is an elementary art teacher in Ohio. When she isn’t molding the creative minds of little ones, one way she expresses herself has become a profitable outlet. She is the artist and creator behind The Good Witch Jewelry. She hand makes and designs custom Swarovski Crystal jewelry.  She is beautiful inside and out, and her pieces align with her personality. Meghan took something she did for fun when gathering with people she loves and built a small business that has brought in additional income. I think a lot of her success is due to loving herself, loving art, and loving people. I sat down with Meghan and interviewed her about her social media strategy.

P.S I had to edit this a few times because its hard not to brag about someone so special. But you get the idea, she’s kinda a big deal!

Q: What Social Media channels do you use related to your interest?

TGW: “I am a beginner, for now Facebook.

Q: How much time do you spend each week on Social Media Marketing? 

TGW: “Currently all of my energy and focus is on my students and lesson plans. I’m dedicated to my work first. So creating jewelry occurs on the weekends or summertime when i can sit down and create pieces I am proud of. I will post when I have finished an order, created a new set, or piece. I don’t have a weekly set time on marketing all year.

Q: How do you engage visitors to participate and share your content?

TGW: “I post images of my work and communicate with those interested in custom orders. I would say most of my business orders are referrals. So by posting pictures I give them an idea of my work. My boyfriend owns a business locally, we entertain often, and family/friends who wear my product- they engage others and then those people participate in my page or order in person. I am very fortunate in how traffic occurs for my business, not much work on my end.

Q: How does social media engagement benefit you?

TGW:”My Facebook page exposes my work to those who might not hear about me or my jewelry otherwise. I have friends who share photos wearing my jewelry too. My page branches off my current community, which is great.

Q: How does social media benefit your audience? 

TGW: “ Social media has benefited my audience in a few ways. My page gives my current customers and potential customers convenience to contact me at anytime. We are all online now and another benefit for them is the sharing option. My followers can share images and information easily on Facebook. I would say I am more flexible than working with a retailer. You have more options by selling this way, through social media.

Meghan’s jewelry is great for gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Check out her page! She puts the B in beautiful and in BLING! How do you utilize Facebook? Do you have any social media tips? Comment and share!

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