A road to Peaceful

“At Peace Avenue we don’t just make t-shirts, we make art you can wear.”


Peace Avenue is a wholesale conventional and organic casual apparel company. They use environmentally friendly and recycled products whenever possible. This clothing store represents a road to peaceful, positive, and responsible lifestyle. All of their designs are done by local artists using a combination of traditional and digital tools. As a graphic designer and shopaholic I appreciate this company! They truly have something for everyone. So i reached out to Marley Mayo from Peace Avenue to discuss their social media interests and strategy. Check out her insight and connect with Peace Avenue online!


Marley Mayo Peace Avenue

Q: What Social Media channels do you use related to your interest?

MM: “Since we are a small business right now we use the three main social media sites; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Instagram is great and an easy way to reach our customers. Because we can post one time and can shares it on all three sites! However, our customers seem to communicate with us more via Facebook.

Q: How much time do you spend each week on Social Media Marketing? 

MM: “Usually we post pictures and that may take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours. If we already have a picture it’s easy to post and share it, but when we are actually taking pictures we have to find a model, take the pictures, and edit them which can take several hours. 

Recently we started making short videos showing our design process which takes a lot of planning and editing. That process can take twice as long as doing pictures but we’ve found that customers find videos more engaging, so it’s definitely worth the time.

After we decide on a picture or video we will sometimes pay to “boost” a post on Facebook which means Facebook will run an ad for us for however long we decide upon, and it will run on Facebook and Instagram. We can choose people through target based location. Since the Ad runs automatically it has the chance of being seen by more customers rather than only a few seeing it once, it will run multiple times and be seen by 100s of people.

Q: How do you engage visitors to participate and share your content?

MM: “Every now and then we do a twenty five dollar gift card give away to our store for our customers who share a picture of themselves wearing our clothing doing something fun and exciting! We say, “We want to see you, in your Peace Avenue!” It’s a great way to advertise and get our customers involved!

Q: How does social media engagement benefit you?

MM: “It’s great for us because it’s essentially free advertising, and brings in more customers! It also allows other customers new/old to see what our clothes look like on regular people instead of just models.

Q: How does social media benefit your audience? 

MM: “Again it’s great for our customers because they really get to see the clothes on actual normal everyday people. And for the ones that do share and get chosen they get a free gift card to our store!

Marley mentioned sharing videos, check one of theirs out below.

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