Life gives you Lemons

“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward — get real with yourself.” -Bryant McGill

gina2Life gives you lemons and Gina makes shakeology with them! haha I don’t know about that but this girl does know how to find the silver lining in unfortunate events. And sometimes she’s just real, real honest. Her authenticity is contagious. You want to be real with yourself when you review her page and posts. Being real, reflecting your truth, where you are now and where you want to be.  That contagious feeling is motivating and a testament that she’s in the right career field. Gina is a health and fitness coach. She has shared changes in her own life and changes in her clients through various workouts, positive thinking, meal planning, coping with struggle, and so much more. She truly is a coach and she can get you through it all. I interviewed Gina through Facebook Messenger, keep reading to find out how she utilizes social media for her interests. Make sure to check out her page or connect with her too!


HER PAGE: Gina Marie Fit

Q: What Social Media channels do you use related to your interest?

GMF: “Facebook, Facebook like page, IG, personal blog.

Q: How much time do you spend each week on Social Media Marketing? 

GMF: “Post daily 3-5x/day. Spend 1 hour a week on my like page crafting my theme for the week and 30 minutes on my blog posts. I don’t spend a lot of time on my daily posts, I just post what’s on my heart. I would say a total of 3 hours between writing posts, creating content and making my images.

Q: How do you engage visitors to participate and share your content?

GMF: “Post with intent and value, theme my brand with daily posts like motivation Monday. I utilize CTAs (call to actions) where I ask them to “LIKE” or “COMMENT BELOW” or “SHARE” if they related to it. I ask a lot of questions, ask for opinions, ask what kind of content they want. Do comparison photos like A or B and ask them to share their opinions.

Q: How does social media engagement benefit you?

GMF: “It helps me better get to know and understand my audience and potential clients. I never want to just sell something to someone. I want other people to know there is someone who cares, that wants to help them and genuinely listens to their needs. It helps me to be a better leader and formulate solutions to people’s problems. It also helps me to strengthen myself as a coach, so that when a client has a personal issue or problem I am better educated on their needs and how to help them be successful in their journey. If engagement lacks, then I know I need to step up my game and create more valuable content that resonates with my followers.

I think i benefited from her thoughtful and thorough answers! If I have learned anything from these interviews its that everyone has their own plan and way of marketing with social media. There are some similarities in their strategy but personalized in their own way. I will keep that in mind! How have you personalized your marketing strategy?

Tips and Tricks are welcome, comment and share below!

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